Volt Stick's are used by alot of very large UK Electricity Network Operators in the UK

More than 10 years ago Volt stick were asked to develop a de-sensitised non-contact voltage detector that could be used for Polarity Testing and would accurately identify the Positive incomer from the Neutral. A Volt Stick with a special de-sensitised antenna was produced that makes it more accurate and easier to use when Polarity Testing. our de-sensitised Volt sticks are used by some very large UK Electricity Network Operators including UKPN, SSE and ENW.


Bringing Volt Stick to the US gas safety market
16th April 2024
This month Volt Stick went on a trip to the US, introducing the Volt Stick LV12 and LV50 to...
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New Volt Stick LV12 launched for US safety market
10th June 2022
Leading non-contact voltage tester brand – Volt Stick – has launched their latest model, the...
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