Eversource puts engineer safety first with Volt Stick LV12

New England energy delivery company  - Eversource - puts safety first for their team of field gas technicians by specifying Volt Stick LV12 as a mandatory safety tester.

Eversource uses Volt Stick LV12

Eversource are New England's largest energy delivery company, providing electric, gas and water in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire, serving 4.4 million customers.

Eversource Energy protects technicians with Volt Stick LV50In November 2021 Volt Stick were approached by Eversource who were looking to establish a standard requirement for their gas technicians to carry a Non-Contact Voltage Detector to check for induced voltage on gas lines from nearby electrical cables.

Their existing standard required them to take action when a Voltage of 15v or above had been identified, and so we recommended our recently developed Volt Stick LV12 which detects voltages from 12 volts up to 1000v.

Samples were sent to Eversource for evaluation and field trials in January 2022, and in March we began discussions with their purchasing department.

At that time Volt Stick had yet to set up a US distribution channel and so Eversource had no option but to buy a competitor's product not designed for gas workers and that was not intrinsically safe!

Volt Stick have since partnered with US Distributor IRBY Utilities, and with branches in over 30 states, Irby are able to service our US and Canadian Customers, and now Eversource are have switched to the Volt Stick LV12 which they purchase through Irby Utilities.

Volt Stick LV50 intrinsically safe voltage detector

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