Volt Stick goes Stateside: Keeping US Gas Workers Safe 

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Who uses Volt Stick in the USA?

An increasing number of leading US utilities and natural gas distribution companies are specifying the Volt Stick LV12 and LV50 non-contact voltage detectors as essential life-safety checkers for their field technicians.

In Europe, Volt stick has been the leading non-contact voltage detector used by Gas Techs to check for stray voltage on Gas Meter sets, and has been a vital part of their safety procedures for more than 20 years!

Click on the below links to find out how our leading range of IECEx-certified voltage detectors are already being used by leading names including:

TECO People's Gas uses Volt Stick LV12Centerpoint Energy uses Volt Stick LV12Eversourse Energy uses Volt Stick LV12National Grid US uses Volt Stick LV50

Electrical safety checks for natural gas utility workers

Our Volt Stick LV12 and LV50 voltage detectors are IECEx and ATEX certified as intrinsically safe for use in hazardous, 'explosable atmospheric' areas.

See video below to see the Volt Stick LV12 in use by TECO Peoples Gas to check a gas meter is safe from stray voltage.


Click here for our full guide on Electrical Safety Checks for Natural Gas Utility Workers


Buy Volt Stick from Irby UtilitiesWhere to buy Volt Stick in the USA

Volt Stick non-contact voltage detectors are now available throughout the USA via leading utilities distribution specialists Irby Utlilies. To find your nearest Irby Utilities branch click here.


Contact the Volt Stick team for more information

Volt Stick has the widest range of non-contact voltage detectors in the world due to specialist products we have developed for specific markets over the years. If you have any special requirements for Non-Contact Voltage Detection then we’d love to discuss your project.

For more information email us now at info@voltstick.com or call us on: UK: +44 (0)115 9770075  |  US: +1 315 314 3112


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