What is a Elma X One?

Elma X One -  is a TRMS multitester and voltage tester combined.

What is a Elma X One for?

Elma X One is a smart TRMS multitester that combines the voltage tester with an open jaw clamp meter.

Elma X One available from Volt Stick

The Elma X One has a number of useful features:

2 pole Voltage Test with 12 - 1000V AC/DC LED Display

TRMS Voltage Test with 6 – 1000V AC/DC Digital Display

TRMS 0-200A AC Current measurement with Open Jaw Clamp

Resistance measurement 0-50kOhms

1 pole voltage test that indicates phase

Phase rotation test, 2 pole on 3 phase

Large clearly illuminated display and bright Leds

Built-in flashlight and self-test, as well as auto on/off function

Voltage Test without batteries

Strong interchangeable wires with 4mm standard banana plug

Interchangeable test tips 2/4mm Supplied including Case