Elma 1500B - voltage and continuity tester

Voltage and continuity tester.

The Elma 1500B is a compact, easy to use, combined Test Instrument for voltage, analysis and phase indication.

The unit features no controls or buttons, switching automatically between the different functions ensuring no user/reading errors.

The Elma 1500B uses standard AAA batteries and, as an added safety feature, will operate the voltage test function without batteries!

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IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 300V and CAT III 690V and EN 61243-3.

Elma 1500BFeatures:

  • DC and AC voltage measurement up to 690V
  • Continuity test with optical and acoustical signal up to 200 kOhm
  • Single-pole phase test
  • Internal basic load (also for tripping the RCD)
  • Automatic AC/DC detection
  • Bright LED indication
  • Ergonomic and robust design & construction
  • Probe-tip protection
  • Measuring Category CAT III/690V
  • Constructed in compliance with DIN EN 61243-3, DIN VDE 0682 Part 401(previously DIN VDE 0680 Part 5), IEC61010

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