Elma 2200X voltage tester

Voltage tester with 30mA load test.

The Elma 2200X is a very clever re-invention of the voltage tester with a quality, rugged construction.

Furthermore the Elma 2200X can load the point of measurement to discharge induced ghost voltages and provides a load of 30mA at 230v for a simple RCD test!

We've never seen so many clever functions in a simple voltage tester, making the instrument suitable for about every task an electrician could meet, also when legislation demands to use a tester in compliance with the voltage tester directive.

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IEC 61010-1 KAT IV 600V / IEC 61243-3:2014

Elma 2200XFeatures:

  • Perfect for measuring on charging sockets and charging stands EVSE for electric cars
  • Voltagetest, 2 pole with LED 12…1.000V AC/DC
  • Voltage measurement with digital display 6…1.000V/1.500V AC/DC
  • Continuity
  • Resistance 0-1999Ω
  • Single pole phase test
  • Phase rotation test
  • Large and bright display and bright LED's
  • Selftest and auto on/off function
  • LED warning when dangerous voltage
  • Fulfills voltage tester directive
  • Very rugged test leads
  • Changeable test tips 2/4mm
  • Bright torch light
Attribute Value
AC V range: 6...1000V
AC V resolution: 1V
Auto power off: 30S
Battery: 2 x 1.5V LR03
DC V accuracy: 1V
DC V range: 6...1500V
Dimensions: 246 x 64 x 29mm
Display: LED & LCD
Phase sequence test: 2P
Frequency range: DC, 40...400Hz
Continuity test: 0…500kΩ
IEC 61010 Category: IV 600V
Enclosure class: IP64
Resistance range: 0...1999Ω
Resistance resolution: 1Ω
Net Weight: 190g
RCD Test: 30mA
Test current A: <3.5mA

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