Elma 902 Mini Multimeter

Compact Digital Multimeter: AC/DC Volts, Resistance (Ω), Diode test, Continuity testing...

The Elma 902 is a handy, pocket-sized Mini Multimeter–with the added benefit of a built-in Volt Stick as well as a torch–and a must-have for every engineer.

Despite its small format, the Elma 902 Mini Multimeter is packed with features: auto-ranging, diode test, a continuity buzzer, auto power off and on, battery indicator and an electronic fuse to protect against overload. In addition, the Elma 902 meets the high safety approval rating of CAT IV 600v and CAT III 1000v.

When not in use, the test probes can be stored securely in the back of the unit.

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CAT III 1000v and CAT IV 600


  • LCD display with backlight
  • Built-in non-contact AC voltage detector plus flashlight
  • Measures voltage, resistance, diode function & continuity
  • Double-moulded case
  • Auto-ranging with auto power off
  • Silicone test leads
  • Protective holster
Attribute Value
Display 2000-count
DC Voltage Ranges 0.1mv ~ 600v
AC Voltage Ranges 1mv ~ 600v
Resistance 0.1Ω ~ 20mΩ
Measuring Rate 2 per second
Dimensions 54(W) x 104(H) x 36(D)mm
Power Supply 2 x AAA 1.5v batteries (included)
Approvals CAT III 1000v, CAT IV 600v
Safety Standards EN 61010 1.CE, Pollution Degree II
Weight (Gross) 0.15kg

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