VSPU1 Volt Stick Proving Unit

Immediate functionality proving of Volt Stick 230v product range

The VSPU1 Volt Stick Proving Unit has been specifically designed to test the functionality of the Volt Stick 230v range and the LV50.

The instrument internally generates a 200 ~ 240v source when the tip of a Volt Stick is inserted into the test portal of the Proving Unit.

Always test the operation of the Volt Stick with the Proving Unit prior to use and immediately following use to ensure the Volt Stick is operating correctly.

Suitable for use on Volt Sticks with a 4mm diameter tip that works on 220~240v, 50/60Hz AC supplies.

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Volt Stick Proving Unit VSPU1Features:

  • Immediate functionality proving of Volt Stick 230v product range

  • Simple, effective and lightweight unit

  • Sealed, battery-powered unit

  • Fully-portable, no mains supply required

  • Also provides easy storage for a single Volt Stick unit

  • (*Not suitable for PRO12, PRO 230 and 110v models)



  • Used to check functionality of Volt Stick 230Y, Sound, 110V, EX230 & LV50 models

  • Used widely in the rail & utility engineering sectors

  • Ideal for testing Volt Stick devices in the field, where no dependable mains 230v supply is available


Attribute Value
Compatible with Voltstick 230Y, 230B, Sound, LV50
Electrical Field Output 220~240v
Response Time Immediate
Power Requirements Battery powered, sealed unit
Dimensions 185(L) x 41(W) x 41(H) mm
Weight (Net) 0.20kg

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